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Keeping Northern Arizona intact since 1963. A higher elevation of welding, fabrication, and steel sales.

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Emilio Mayorga

Mayorga’s Welding was started in 1963 by Emilio Mayorga, as a one-man shop, in a two-car garage. One of his first real jobs was a livestock trailer for Mr. Frank Auza. Mr. Auza was a well-known local sheep herder. Emilio would also do small jobs like repairing rakes, shovels, and axes, for the neighborhood. As Emilio could afford to do so, he would invest in equipment such as a small lathe, a drill press, then a band saw, a bigger lathe, and a bigger drill press etc. More work started to come in as customers discovered Mayorga’s Welding. Places like APS, Mountain Bell, the Forest Service, local pulp wood cutters, well drillers, and truck owner/operators began to bring in jobs. Flagstaff had discovered the little welding shop on the Southside.

One of the most notable early projects was for Halverson-Lentz. “Halverson” obtained the job to bring water from Roaring Springs on the north rim of the Grand Canyon to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. A project like this had never been done, and new equipment like a crusher with a conveyor that could fit down the Bright Angel Trail was required and engineered by Eling Halverson for the job. Emilio and Eling
spent many long days and nights to produce this specialized machine as drive axles from the jeep were narrowed, a frame was fabricated, the crusher was mounted, and the conveyor was installed.

Afterward came the engine, steering, and brakes. The relationship between Halverson and Mayorga’s Welding continued after they completed this pipeline together.

In 1973 a new building was erected on the vacant lot next to Mayorga’s house. Emilio hired two full-time employees to cover the workload. Trucks, heavy equipment, restaurant equipment, and of course shovels and rakes brought in from neighbors kept everyone busy.

Emilio’s son Frank naturally got into the same field of work, and although they tried many times to work together, they were unsuccessful for a long time. Frank had spent time as a shop foreman in Phoenix learning new ways to do things that his father Emilio wasn’t receptive to. However, in 1976 Emilio’s lead welder took a union job in the copper mine leaving him with the decision to hire a new man or try to make it work with his son Frank. Frank accepted the job and spent the next 16 years working with his father, often saying “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had at a job.”

Emilio and Frank Mayorga
The Mayorga Team

After that, Emilio, Frank, Danny Martinez, and Dave Finney were the Mayorga’s Welding crew for the next 16 years. But in 1992, Mayorga’s went through some big changes as Emilio and his wife Lucy were looking to retire. So Frank bought the shop from his father and took over. His wife Tamara worked in the office helping customers, while Frank continued with welding, fabrication, and repairs. The business grew and Mayorga’s Welding began doing more mobile welding and repairs as construction started to take the place of the timber industry. As well river companies began showing up with repairs on boats and equipment. Whatever was brought in, Mayorga’s Welding was up to the task and very fortunate to have the crew to embrace new techniques and equipment to make jobs easier and more efficient.

After 43 years at Mayorga’s Welding, Frank began to look into retirement. He found a Flagstaff family business looking to expand their own business and in 2019 Mayorga’s Welding was sold to Brian and Rachel Buzzard. They continue to stay busy and take pride in serving the Flagstaff community as Mayorga’s Welding has always done.

The Mayorga Team in 1992
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